A little bit of English chic composed with some exotic decorations ? these are the main features of colonial style. It was born many centuries ago as a result of two cultures impact: progressive and the spiritual one. Today colonial style experiences its revival in home and garden design. How to arrange the garden in such an innovatory design and avoid kitsch?

To create colonial garden you need to plan carefully all the details: plants, furniture, accessories and decorations, surface of the patio, paths etc. Every item, particularly its material, is important. Crucial issue is unity of style of all objects and plants in your garden.


Surface of the ground and paths should be calm and sober to contrast with all oriental decorations in the garden. Avoid colorful sets and irregular shapes. Highly recommended materials are precious rocks, styled on the old pavement. Surface of the patio should be made of smooth, natural rock or wet-cast slabs that perfectly remind sandstone.


Essential items in colonial garden are specific furniture and decorations, like sculptures and figures. The best are those made of dark wood: teak, rosewood and mahogany. It is common for the colonial furniture that they are not seamless but connect different materials (like wood and bamboo). Furniture are usually located on the patio while inside of the garden, alongside the paths recommended are small, wooden or rock statues of Buddha, Shiva, Brahma, rings hanged on the trees or under the walkway?s ceiling.


Oriental flowers are spectacular and perfect for garden in colonial design. However beautiful, they are difficult in growing, while herbs (oregano, basil, rosemary) and ornamental grasses are both attractive and weather resistant.


Atmosphere in colonial garden is relaxed and easy ? its arrangement should reflect this fact. Though symmetry and order do not play main role here, there are some obligatory elements that are occured regularly: hedges, tapestries and arcs. To improve the atmosphere, find some corner for rest and isolation, where a bower or pergola could be mounted. Encircle this place with high, climbing plants or exotic trees. Colonial design of your garden can be good form of distinguishing your garden from the neighbours? ones.