Where in your house do you feel the most comfortable and relieved? For many people a wooden terrace is a symbol of comfort and luxury. With the use of wooden elements straight and arched you can ideally adapt your terrace to your needs and to the aesthetics of your house. Daises and platforms are built also for the purposes of exhibitions where your products and activities should be presented in an appropriate way. Covered terraces and platforms give you also more opportunities to assure comfort and attract people.

Catalogue of Terraces available for download: katalog_werandy_miniaturka

Terrace covering – Konstancin, Poland, April 2011

taras-konstancin01_200x150 taras-konstancin07_200x150 taras-konstancin03_200x150

Winter garden – covered construction with transparent walls,
Olsztyn, December 2011

zimowy-olsztyn10_150 zimowy-olsztyn13_150 zimowy-olsztyn04_150

Terrace covering, arched roof from laminated wood, terrace floor from spruce planks impregnated and lacquered. Białołęka, Poland, May 2011

wer-bialoleka19_150 wer-bialoleka07_150 wer-bialoleka15_150

Small shelter finished with laminated arches and railing, Marki (Warsaw area), May 2011

wer-marki01_150 wer-marki05_150 wer-marki11_150

Terrace roofing Koczargi, Poland. With solid walls 80 cm heigh, December 2011

wer-koczargi11_150 wer-koczargi10_150 wer-koczargi06_150

Home Terrace in Podkowa Leśna, Poland 2010
Before construction:




Without covering the owner has to wrap his garden furniture with plastic foil. The terrace is wet during rain. Sun and frost damage terracotta on the terraces.
Is it a case on your terrace?
One has to unwrap chairs before use 🙁

After construction:




Furniture is available to owners any time. Rainwaters are coming down through the rain-pipe. A covering brings a new aesthetic to the terrace, makes it more comfortable and extends the life of tiles for many years. The solid construction of terrace roof made from laminated wood could be easily converted into veranda or sun-parlor




Appropriate terrace area should embrace table, armchairs grill or ping-pong table Correctly selected dimensions and density of joists guarantees the stability Thanks to wooden arches there is no collision with the surrounding trees. The construction is smoothly shaped to the given area




Home terrace Platforms in exhibition centre Different dais levels prepared for the particular exhibition needs

High quality materials

Normally the owners would like the terrace once built should last many years. The use of laminated wood and high quality finishing materials as well as solid realization guarantee your satisfaction for many years. Covered constructions are secured from moist and snow for even longer.

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