A revolutionary alternative for carports, fresh and inviting, attractive, brighter, safer, weather resistant and tailor made to your needs. A suitable extension to all types of building and for any surrounding.
OXFORD 2, two places, 6 x 6 m, wall height 234 cmOXFORD 2 - solid plank filling with grig and polucarbonate windows. The construction  assure full protestion against wind, rain and snow and stays bright enough without  necessity of elecrtic light.OXFORD 2 - side view
Carport ROMA with a garden shed 4 sqm, for one car, covered with French PCV, shed windows from polycarbonate. Dimensions: 7,90 x 3,60 cm, height 225/260 cm. Roof construction from laminated archesOXFORD 1, dimensions  3,8 x 6 m, single place, wall height 240 cmLONDON 2, 2-place carport, 5,8 x 5,8 m, entrance clearance 221 cm
LONDON 3, 3-place carport, 7,5 x 8,5 m, entrance clearance 221 cmCOVENTRY 1, dimensions 3,4 x 5 m, wall height 204 cm, for one carDERBY 1, adapted for high caravans and b?ckmanns, wall height 255 cm, dimensions 3,4 x 5 m
VENICE 2, for two cars, dimensions 5x5.5m, entrance clearance 300 cm, impregnated and lacqueredCarport VENICE 2 - for two cars, laminated wood, preassure treatment, dimensions 5x5.5m, entrance clearance 300 cmLONDON 4 version LUX, for 4 cars, impregnated and lacquered 3 times, 3 side walls filled, dimensions 12 x 6 m, entrance clearance 221 cm

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Carports can be covered with different types of materials so that it should be adapted to the existing environment and owner's preferences. Most elements of the offered constructions are made from laminated wood which assure durability and aesthetics of your carports. Laminated wood is more resistant and more durable for the environmental factors like humidity, direct sun and freeze.  Preparation of concrete spot footings is included in the assembly service.

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