Glasgow 1

Genua 1

1 car carport in a light Scottish style

Glasgow 1 carport features

  • Solid construction
  • Concrete foundation footings
  • Resistance to weather conditions
  • Capacity 1 car
  • Covered with transparent polycarbonate

The shed made of simple and bent wooden elements consists solely of a canopies based on supports. The use of structural arches made of laminated wood in both transverse and longitudinal direction gives the light a lightness and refers to the elements of light Scottish architecture

Check the quality

We have no doubt that the product provided by WALKWAYS4U is of the highest quality. We do not have any details nor finishing of the carport to hide. Therefore, we invite you to a detailed photo gallery presenting the Glasgow 1 carport and its construction details

Wooden carports laminated wood constructions impregnated constructions timber covered walkways pathways


wooden carport for one car


Laminated wood, straight and bent elements (arches), covered with polycarbonate


Pressure impregnation,
lacquered 3 times


Widths between poles: 3,15 m
Length: 6 m
Heights of entrance: 2,50 m