The project consisted of SECTION No. 1, i.e. two hangars at the entrance to the Garden Center, and SECTION No. 2, i.e. three hangars located deep inside the center.

Due to the shape of the land on which the garden center is located, the three hangars erected at the rear of the plot could not be rectangular, but their rear walls were cut at a sharp angle, in line with the outline of the property. These difficult conditions required an atypical, individual technical solution in terms of non-standard fixing methods for both arches and gutters.

A total of five hangars made for the VillaVerde garden center in Gourdon took up 683 square meters. The entire building was roofed with smoked ONDEX PVC panels.

  • Project type: Construction of five covered hangars to extend exhibition space of the garden center
  • Construction type: Structural glued laminated timber, pressure impregnated. Wooden arches made of laminated timber
  • Roof: Smoked ONDEX PVC panels
  • Time and place: 71300 Gourdon, France, November 2021
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Client: Villaverde Montceau, D980 - Beauregard, 71300 Gourdon, France