Extended wooden carport for three cars

We observe the trend of "taking" cars out of homes (from home garages), which can be used for other purposes (some customers convert them into dwelling rooms, some into workshops, e.g. pottery). Another reason may be the imperfection of previously built garages (narrow, difficult to manoeuvre) Some families in multi-generational houses have more than two cars and therefore an external, large carport is a great solution.The London 3 LUX PLUS carport is a luxurious, aesthetic, hand-made carport, which, thanks to its unique design, adds value to each property.
London 3 LUX PLUS triple carport (garage carports for 3 vehicles) can be covered with bitumen shingles, metal tiles (including seam tiles) or ceramics. In order to match the roof covering of the shed to the other elements of the architecture on the property, it is possible to cover the roof with a selected material provided by the investor or even covered by the Client himself.

  • Project type: Triple Carport from laminated wood, model LONDON, version 3 LUX PLUS
  • Construction type: Pressure-impregnated laminated timber, three-layer lacquered
  • Wall construction: Full coverage of the rear wall and sides with openwork grille, polycarbonate filling.
  • Roof covering: Ceramic tiles (investor's cover)
  • Time and place: Poland, Gorzkowice, province  Lodz, June 2022
  • Duration: 1 week