There is almost no limit to what you can ask for. We take even the roughest of ideas from you and create any combination of practical solutions and attractive architectural structures. No project is too large or too small and almost anything is possible.

Garden Centres are very special types of store, most of them are built on one floor carrying and displaying a wide variety of stock. Because of this, space is at a premium and so it’s vital to make every sqOuruare meter count. Within the garden centre environment customers expect to be able to buy everything from plants to furniture; from pet food to houses. The answer is to allow more space for each section. This is where our dedicated construction projects come in.

Would your venue benefit from additional outdoor covered space? Anywhere where you have people gathering for evening events, outdoor dining, parties, outdoor games, even outdoor swimming pools, additional covered space means more people protected from the elements and therefore happier customers. The beautiful green surroundings of your restaurant or campsite make an ideal site for a covered structure. The benefits to you are limitless and lasting. Provide your own designs or ask us for innovation.

Pergolas, in parks or in public space are important elements that create the specific image and specific atmosphere. They also play the representation role in institutions.

See our realizations below: