For everyone who doesn?t have experience in garden design, the first self arranged theme garden can be a difficult task. Obviously you need to be well prepared, read a lot of self help books, magazines, articles etc. But this is only the first step. Even if you already know all the practical design tips, you?re still far away from implementation of your tailor-made cottage garden?.

Where to start?

First thing you should do is analysis of your needs and exact function of your garden. Start from the project on graph paper. It doesn?t have to be full professional plan, but only initiative project, which will certainly help you to implement your concept. Apply all the items, buildings, all the other objects you wish to have and already existing trees and shrubbery, as well. Then prepare the data base of plants you want to crop in your garden (reflect short characteristic of each plant). To keep the order, divide the plants for groups (grasses, leafy, coniferous, stalks, bulbs, herbs etc.)


The set of plants appropriate for cottage garden is really rich and diversified. Actually, there are no limits in flowers composing. The more colorful, filled with flowers and varied your garden is, the more authentic effect of charming cottage you gain. The atmosphere of your garden should be easy and relaxing. So you don?t need to worry about sophisticated, exotic plants. Simplicity, nature and multiplicity of different plants are highly recommended here. Thus, main advantage of having the cottage garden is that the plants are cheap and easy in taking care of.

Making the atmosphere?

As it was mentioned, cottage garden is characterized by easy, cheerful atmosphere. To enhance this atmosphere and accent its natural style, it is recommended to encircle the garden space with wooden or wooden-rock fence. It will let you make impression of natural unity with the surrounding. Moody corners with wooden bower, small pond with fishes, smokehouse, big wooden benches, rockery, fireplace, rock paths ? all sunk in colorful bush of flowers ? are perfectly suitable elements for cottage garden. They will make you feel like in some small, charming corner of village, far away from the crowds?