The owners of garden centres are usually faced with one issue: how to make their object both functional and visually appealing for visiting clients.

Main advantage

Covered walkways solve this problem.?Firstly, they are perfect protection for plants. Regardless the weather: rain or burning sun, even delicate, exotic flowers and shrubs will be provided with ideal conditions. It is possible thanks to the special design of walkway, which is equipped with solar filters to ensure the plants optimal insulation and moisture.

Usability?Walkways have many other advantages. One of them is their aesthetic appearance which will give your business place a professional and modern look. Using covered walkways you can create, for instance many different thematic sections or interesting aisles, with individual species and varieties of plants. In this way, you will make the centre an attractive place for customers who will be willing to visit.



One more important fact is that installation of walkways in the garden centre is easy and quick. You don?t need any permission for it and the whole process of building takes 2-5 weeks (exact time depends of the size of project). Additionally those new architectural elements in your centre will be perfectly tailored to the other parts of your. Finally they will look like integral part.

Indepedently of your centre?s size and specialization our solution is cost-effective improvement of your business and solution that can help you make this place customer-friendly.