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Domain Carport and Terrace Garden Centre Hotel & Restaurant Contact
  1. Carport
  2. carports
  3. terrace
  4. covered terraces
  5. wooden carports
  6. verandas
  7. Awnings
  8. Shelters
  9. Terrace covers
  1. Covered walkways
  2. Walkways
  3. Free standing walkways
  4. Linkways, Link ways
  1. Outdoor canopies
  2. Landscaping canopies
  3. Entrance canopies
  4. Smoking shelters
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Domain Pond and swimming pool
  1. Fish and Koi Pond Covers
  2. Pond shelters
  3. Protect koi fish from predators


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Podpisy pod zdjeciami:

  1. LYON, l’abri agrandit l’espace garage
  2. Abri SAUMUR est adapte aux grandes remorques de lux (hauteur 270 cm)
  3. Client a demander de agrandir l’abri pour contenir 4 voitures (longueur 18m!)
  4. Mod?le PARIS – Votre voitures dans l’ombre m?me pendant plain soleil.
  5. A votre dispo. Trois abris PARIS!
  6. Type de couverture a choisir
  7. Auvents
  8. Auvents
  9. Auvents
  10. Abri voiture sur l’exposition dans le centre de jardinage a Anet (France)
  11. Résistance garanti jusqu’? 50 cm de neige
  12. Remorque toujours net!


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OXFORD 2, two places, 6 x 6 m, wall height 234 cm LIVERPOOL 3, dimensions 6 x 8,5 m, for three cars, wall height 250 cm OXFORD 1, dimensions  3,8 x 6 m, single place, wall height 240 cm
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LONDON 3, 3-place carport, 7,5 x 8,5 m, entrance clearance 221 cm COVENTRY 1, dimensions 3,4 x 5 m, wall height 204 cm, for one car DERBY 1, adapted for high caravans and böckmanns, wall height 255 cm, dimensions 3,4 x 5 m



Contact us to receive a catalogue with technical designs.

Carports can be covered with different types of materials so that it should be adapted to the existing environment and owner’s preferences. Most elements of the offered constructions are made from laminated wood which assure durability and aesthetics of your carports. Laminated wood is more resistant and more durable for the environmental factors like humidity, direct sun and freeze. 

Preparation of concrete spot footings is included in the assembly service.