If you were to look around for a covered walkway, you?d probably spot one over the front of a business or at a gardening center to protect the plants and flowers. These are all excellent spots for a covered walkway because they keep away the elements while still adding a decorative touch to the building or area.

There are many other areas, however, where a covered walkway would be a perfect addition. Often a covered walkway is overlooked when it is actually the solution you?re looking for.

1. Parties

Whether for a wedding or a simple family gathering, a covered walkway provides shelter for a sunlit picnic. Sunlight still shines through the top, but the covering protects against extreme heat and makes for a comfortable spot. Use it for celebrations or simply to relax in the backyard.

2. Extended Patio

Restaurants and business owners will enjoy the extended outdoor area they can provide their customers or employees with a covered walkway. A restaurant with limited space can provide outdoor tables for dining. This setting is both peaceful, and adding a few decorations such as lighting can transform the atmosphere into an elegant serving area. Business owners may wish to use a covered walkway to provide an area for employees to smoke or take breaks outdoors.

??3. Craft Store


Crafts stores and other small businesses will enjoy the comfort and shade provided by the covered walkway when displaying their wares outdoors. This is a much needed improvement over hot days spent sitting in a lawn chair under the sun.

Many other businesses and individuals can tailor these ideas to fit their own needs. The covered walkway provides a versatile outdoor covering with many functions.