How to use the small garden space efficiently?

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Limited space in your garden doesn?t force you to give up with all of your fresh concepts like: flowerbeds, rockery, fountain, swing or covered places. However contemporary garden design is all about expansive acres in the country, when you don?t have such a big area, can still adapt some concepts and arrange your small space to your relax, enjoy and enhance your home. Just use your imagination?

Good taste, view and imagination are very helpful, but the only real way to learn how to design garden is by doing it. Don?t be afraid of changes, trying new arrangements and mixing different styles. During this work you can find some very interesting solution you didn?t even consider before.

While planning your garden space remember about the few general rules:

1. Minimalism and functionality

In a small space every additional item seems to be bigger and much more visible than in a large one. So when you wish to have, for instance, a swing or table and chairs, the best option is to buy collapsible furniture (like low coffee table and small chairs with comfortable pillows), which can be replaced easily at any time to you could gain the space.

2. Order

That?s the basic structure of every garden. Order can be obtained through symmetry (as in a formal garden) through composition of couple of plants or colors and through balancing particular features with a comparable weight of some other different features of plants.?Order in your garden doesn?t have to be marked. It may be intuitive as well. You can design two basic sections: plants/decorations and time-spending, and connect them fluently with particular flower species. In our small garden reasonable solution that let us have a lot of variable plants without loosing space, are hanged flowerpots and cases.

3. Harmony

The parts of the garden need to be composed to suit together as a whole. This can be accomplished by using a specific color palette or repetition of plants, which will give the garden a rhythm.

Other useful tips for small garden gadgets:

Covered walkways

This item is perfect also for the small garden because it is always tailored to its size. In case of every small space, it is good solution to localize it just over the garden entrance, next to the house. This way you gain interesting, mysterious effect, especially if the sides of walkway would be decorated with ground flowers (like roses, andromeda or lily) or shrubbery (bay tree or cypress). Additionally you can use the sides of walkway as pergola for flowers in pots. Next to it, between flowerbeds you can arrange a cozy space for meetings with your friends and for afternoon relax. In case of rainy weather you can simply move your garden furniture under the roof and enjoy the dinner in a fresh atmosphere of your charming garden.

Small rockery

When you find an appropriate place for it and compose suitable flowers, rocks and other decorations, rockery can be great adornment of your garden.?It gives you additional space for plants and makes the garden space optically wider as well (but only if it has good proportions).