What was the client’s need?

The client set very ambitious goals:

  • An investment that starts to pay off immediately.
  • A brand new look for the season that will last for years.
  • A solid and durable structure.

One specific goal: to lead trough his customers to the newly opened Caf? / Restaurant which is situated at the rear of the garden centre area.

What were the terrain conditions?

Seiont GC is located on the hilly area were the difference between the highest and the lowest points is 3,6 metres!!! It was a real challage for our team. But we did manage it with the breathtaking results!!!

What was our construction form laminated wood?

We designed and built an impressive construction composed of several walkways on different levels but well adjusted and connected to each other, which in turn itself created a maze of exterior covered space for displaying plants, whilst fully protecting both product and customer.

How, when, how long?

All work starting from excavation and leveling, through the construction process and to final result took no more than 4 weeks. What was very, very important – there was no need to close the store while construction has been made. We have worked taking care of all the ‘customers flow’ and their safety allowing our client to carry on with the sales in the best for his plant products Easter period.

The result…

The final result is a solid, versatile and attractive construction. An investment that started to pay off immediately. And as a result happy customer – Adam and his staff

  • Project type Covered walkways, extension od trade area
  • Construction type laminated wood, arches of laminated wood, polycarbonate
  • Time and place Seiont, North Wales, February 2011
  • Duration 4 weeks
  • Website http://seiontnurseries.com/