• Constructions’ resistance

    Each project is conceived by our own engineers. WALKWAYS4U® deals with all weight calculus for a given structure taking into account:

    • weight of the construction and the cover,
    • specific data pertaining to the location: snowfall, winds, rainfall, sunshine and altitude.
  • All calculations comply with the following European norms:

    • PN-82/B-02004 – building constraints
    • PN-77/B-02011 – weight calculations
    • EC5 – projection of laminated wood constructions
    • ENV 1995-1-1 – Eurocode 5

    This is why we can guarantee resistance, solidity et safety for each of its constructions.

  • Cover

    As a standard, we use reinforced PCV which complied with the following norms:

    • ISO R1183/NFT 51063
    • ISO R178/NFT 51001
    • ISO R527/NFT 51034
    • ISO R306/NFT 51021
    • DIN 53488
    • DIN 52610
    • NF 92057
    • ASTM D696

    PCV plated have a M1/A1 ranking (resistance against fire).

  • Structure

    We use laminated wood for most elements of our constructions. Laminated wood consists of thin layers of pine put together. These layers are then glued together and pressurized to obtain straight or curved elements.

    Once produced, these elements are treated with fungicides and insecticides. The main elements of a construction are: posts, beams and panels. Given the nature of the construction, two types of beams may be used:

    • straight beams,
    • curved beams.

    The wieght capacity of the structure is based on the combination of one beam and two posts. The structure may be expanded infinitely.

. . .