Andrzej Nietuby? - Managing Director
Andrzej Nietuby? – Managing Director

You save time

We take responsibility for all stages of the process. No need to worry about groundwork, leveling, preparation, we do it all. You avoid typical problems of dealing with few working teams. Read more…

…and money

You can order your design immediately and get it fitted within days. The realisation will not affect your store opening, so it won’t stop your sales!

Walkways 4 u means the best people…

Our project manager stays on site at all times and our team of skilled craftsmen ensure your project is constructed to the highest standard and finished to perfection.

…and unique quality

Each project is developed by our own engineers. Walkways 4 you deals with all weight calculations for a given structure taking into account:

  • weight of the construction and the cover
  • specific data pertaining to the location; snowfall, wind, rain, hail, sunshine and altitude.