(Garden Centre)

What was the client?s need

The task was both: challenging and exciting. The spot was impressive, the client conscious and demanding, looking for extra covered space to protect products and create attractive, unusual atmosphere for the customers.The challenge we met was an unfinished construction part erected sometimes ago. Our job was to adjust two brand new, spacious walkways to the existing ones.

What wooden construction we built?

It is easier to start from the begging than to correct others job ? contractors are used to say. But we do all, nothing is too hard or too difficult. We used the preexisting construction as a starting point. The total project consisted of two roofed walkways covering 260 m2 in total. What is more, answering the client?s specific demands we introduced a new technique of cladding to provide a perfect protection against wind and rain. The effect is impressive!

More than just walkway!

Thanks to many years of experience in the field we managed to overcome all technical challenges of joining constructions of different types and sizes.

How, when, how long?

During planning and realization phases we collaborated very closely with the client. The idea was to shorten the works period, minimize the interruption to sales and use the local expertise of the team. We pride ourselves of being able to do all: from the groundwork?s to the very end. Once again this time the client valued our complex approach. The store stayed open and our manager was all the time on spot supervising the team.

The result?

It is something to be proud of. Elegant solution combining functionality with the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each walkway is 7,5m wide, what still does not meet our limits.


  • Project type: Extension of covered commercial area
  • Scope: 260 sq.m. of covered surface + walls, construction from laminated wood (laminated arches)
  • Time and location: Chambly, France, 2009
  • Realization time: 4 weeks
  • Client: https://www.facebook.com/chamblychambly